Friday, 28 February 2014

Project #2 - Turning the Meranti Bowl (Part 2)

After some final shaping and sanding, it was time to start carving out the inside of the bowl.

Sanded outside of bowl
After sanding, you can see the beautiful grains of the wood. I have left the little stand at the bottom so that I can attach the bowl to the lathe without ruining the shaping that I have already completed.

Bowl ready to be turned on the inside
I have attached the bottom of the bowl, and now it is time to start carving out the inside.

Inside of bowl carved out

The inside has been carved out, and it is time to remove it from the lathe by cutting off the small stand.

The almost finished Meranti Bowl!
Just needs a little more sanding, and then some varnish to be complete!

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