Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Project #4 - Purple Heart Table Leg

There are certain woods that are brightly coloured. Purple Heart is one of these. When you cut the wood and work with it, it is a brown colour, but if left to oxidize, it becomes a brilliant purple colour.
The end of the Purple Heart that has oxidized bright purple

I sanded one side of the block that I was turning, and you can see the differences in colour between the sanded part (the brown), and the un-sanded part (the purple).
Difference in colour between oxidized and non-oxidized
I then turned this block to make it into a fancy looking table leg. I am planning on making a coffee table, and using this piece as the main leg.

Purple Heart table leg almost complete
I still need to do more sanding and cutting, and I need to let it oxidize for a while to get its nice purple colour.

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